Celebrating August Bank Holiday Weekend…..

We’re really looking forward to Bank Holiday weekend, as #Teamfish will heading to Cornwall to support Newlyn Fish Festival. We’ll be meeting up with some of our Newlyn Fishermen and working hard at the festival on Monday setting up the ultimate fish display and helping to raise funds for The Fishermen’s Mission

If you do find yourself anywhere near Newlyn on Bank Holiday Monday, make sure you visit the festival and come and say hello – its an amazing day out!

We’ll be open as usual on Saturday from 7:30am until 4pm, so if you’re looking for some delicious seafood to celebrate your Bank Holiday weekend, its a good idea to get in touch and we can take your order over the phone – 01276 66618

The weather’s looking relatively good, so we’ll have lots of our popular kebabs available. You can check out our Barbecue Selection here


We’ll have a great selection of freshly prepared marinated kebabs available for the weekend – it’s looking likely we’ll see at least a little peek of sunshine


Our new Herby Swordfish kebab is absolutely delicious and already proving to be a firm favourite

Our Barbecue platters are really popular – a selection of ‘mini kebabs’, fish steaks and marinated sardine fillets make them ideal if you want a great selection of tasty seafood

For shellfish lovers, our extra large crabs out of Devon have been amazing this week, beautifully cooked (of course, we cook them!), and really full. And Andrew’s managed to pull in quite a few of his Newlyn Lobsters – we’re heading towards the end of the season, so if you’re a lobster-lover, now is a great time to fill your boots before the supply runs low

Just out the pot, Andrew’s lobsters will be on the counter again this weekend – make the most of them while the season lasts…

Meet Adam, our crab supplier! The only reason I buy my crabs from Adam is because his products are exceptional, honest…

So, add in all sorts of other super-fabulous deliciousness like our Cornish Sardines, super chunky Plaice, beautiful thick Monkfish, lovely sparkly Red Mullet, Wild Brighton Bass, extra large Scottish Razors… and we’re going to be well stocked for what is already looking to be one of our busiest weeks of the year.

Oh, and don’t forget… all of our fish and shellfish is so beautifully fresh, that anything you buy from us on Saturday will still be absolutely perfect, kept in your fridge, to enjoy on Monday,

Sue x


Early August, a perfect time for seafood lovers…

It may be feeling slightly autumnal, but the great British summertime is always superb for seafood

We always know it’s the height of summer (even if it doesn’t feel like it) when the Cornish Sardines start to show up. These sparkly jewels arrive off the Cornish coast at the beginning of August every year and stay with us until early February. Available as whole fish, butterfly fillets or marinated in a delicious Piri Piri dressing they are one of our absolute favourite seasonal treats

We’ve also got a few weeks left of the Cornish Lobster season and Andrew’s pots are at their fullest at this time of year. Because we take his total catch there’s a great range of sizes and prices available. They’re all delivered into us live, and we freshly cook them throughout the day, so they’re always sweet and extra delicious.

Plaice have really fattened up and are super plump, and the famous #AjaxHake is spectacular at the moment  Alan’s short trips mean his fish is super fresh and firm and a real favourite with our customers

And finally, if you’re braving the showers and firing up the barbecue we’ve got a superb range of ready prepared and marinated seafood available.

As ever, it’s always a good idea to ring up and place your order as we do tend to sell out quite early over the weekend

01276 66618

Sue x  Continue reading Early August, a perfect time for seafood lovers…