A date for your diary – Meet Andrew our Lobster Fisherman

Andrew Stevens, our Cornish lobster fisherman, is coming to meet our customers on Friday 18th March at 10:30am and hopefully will be bringing the very first of the season native lobsters with him

Andrew lobster 2

The Cornish lobstermen usually start to drop their pots at the end of March, but Andrew has put a few strings in the water in the hope that he catches some early lobsters, and can bring them up with him to Camberley

Andrew pots 2

Last year Andrew supplied most of our Native lobsters throughout the season, and is really keen to meet with our customers and have a chat about what he does. We’ve told him how fabulous you are, and how much you all appreciate our fishermen, and he can’t wait to spend a few hours in the fish shop

Andrew boat

Andrew fishes from his tiny one man boat out of Newlyn, with two other very passionate, dedicated fishermen who own a small cooperative called Drecky Fish. They don’t land to market, but deliver directly to their customers and we are very lucky to be able to get some of their stunning catch. As well as lobsters, they catch mackerel, Pollack, red and grey mullet and some cod. Andrew was responsible for catching ‘that red mullet’ last year – a superb specimen that we managed to get hold of, and was the envy of many fishmongers. It lasted a whole 10 minutes on the counter before it was snapped up by a very happy customer!

andrew mullet

If you’re free on Friday 18th, please pop along and have a chat with Andrew, he’ll be absolutely delighted to meet you


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    1. Thanks Roger! We’re really excited. It was Andrew’s suggestion and we’re so pleased he’s able to come up for the day. Hope you can make it over.

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