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Friday 27th January – meet Andrew!

Our favourite fisherman, Andrew Stevens, is heading up from Cornwall to Camberley on Friday 27th January for his first visit in 2017


Many of you are already huge fans of Andrew’s catch and throughout the summer indulge in his fabulous Cornish lobsters. At this time of year he’s catching all our pollack, some cod and mackerel and we’re absolutely delighted that he’ll be spending a few hours meeting our customers.


Its also an ideal opportunity for us to introduce our second charity. For many years we’ve supported The Fishemen’s Mission and have helped to raise funds and awareness for this worthwhile cause. We have decided to try to help do the same for the RNLI Penlee Lifeboats. Andrew, and many other Cornish fishermen are volunteers at this lifeboat station and we would like to try to help them raise funds. Andrew is bringing  a donation box for the shop and over the year will have some fundraising events.

We’ll still work with the Fishermen’s Mission, as this is very close to our hearts, but would like to help Penlee as it is crucial to the safety of so many fishermen who catch the fish we sell


We hope you’ll be able to pop in and catch up with Andrew and his wife, Sally. They should be here from around 10:30am until 3pm

Sue x


We just love #FishFriday

The weeks are flying by and we find ourselves at our favourite day of the week #FishFriday


We’ve got a busy day ahead and a shop full of fabulous seafood


Heaps of shellfish – Scottish Razors, Live Langos and Scallops, Oysters – Fine de Claires, Colchester and River Teign, Live Whelks, Winkles, Sea Urchins, Crabs and Lobsters, Bad Boy Tigers and plump juicy King Prawns


A seafood lover’s delight – Crabs, Lobsters, Caviar…


Sashimi grade tuna and swordfish are always a winner


Beautiful fish from Cornwall and the South Coast

Hope to see you soon


Sue x

What a fabulous start to 2017

We had a rather short week last week, only opening from Thursday to Saturday, but it was really wonderful to see so many of you starting your New Year with some fabulous seafood


Our favourite Hake-Hunters on the Ajax, out of Newlyn

The fish we were sent last week from our Cornish fishermen was some of the best we’ve ever seen. The quality was absolutely outstanding and this week’s looking just as good. We are so privileged to have access to some of the best fish in the world and we all feel very proud to be able to showcase the best of British seafood in our little shop in Surrey

We’ve got a huge haul due in tomorrow…

From Cornwall – Super-chunky cod and ray wings, thick monk, haddock, mackerel, squid, lemons, sardines, John Dory, black bream and hake.  Andrew’s also been out on the water and we’re getting a few of his highly sought after lobsters and pollack.

From the South Coast there will be beautiful day boat brill, dovers, turbot, wild bass and our extremely popular winkles and palourdes.

Our extra large crabs are on their way up the A303 from Devon as I write this and will be heading to the pot first thing, so should be ready for us to dress after lunch.

And then we’ll have all the usual suspects – Shetland Scallops, mussels, WesterRoss salmon… it’s going to be a seafood lover’s delight

I did get things a little wrong last week and totally underestimated how busy we were going to be, meaning we sold out of everything very early each day. If you know you’d like something in particular give us a call on 01276 66618 and we’ll pop it away for you so you don’t have to get up at silly o’clock to bag your first choice

Sue x



We’re back tomorrow

After having the last few days off we’re very excited to be getting back to normal on Thursday 5th January

It’s going to be a great start to 2017, with a fabulous selection and good availability. As we start into our 3rd year we’d like to thank you all for your ongoing support and encouragement.

There’s lots of fabulous fish arriving from Cornwall first thing in the morning, and we’ll be opening our doors at 7:30am as usual

Mackerel looking up

Andrew’s been out in the water all day today and is sending us everything he’s caught. We’ll have lots of his stunning, plump fresh Mackerel, Sardines Pollack and Cod. We’ve also got superb Turbot, John Dory, Lemons and Monk arriving as well as our super-chunky Ray wings, Cod fillet and Hake

We’ll be in extra early to make our delicious fish pies and fishcakes and for those of you who like the easy life we’ll have all our usual marinated fillets – all ready just to pop in the oven

We’re looking forward to seeing you and wishing you a very Happy New Year

Sue x

Merry Christmas to you all

We’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you so much for being truly fabulous customers and friends


Our little team worked their socks off this week, with a marathon 30 hour shift getting all the ordered prepared for collection and the shop set up for the busiest day since we opened

It was a totally bonkers marathon of a day and we really appreciate your patience while you waited for your order. Thank you so much for your kind words of support and the many thoughtful gifts – bubbles, chocolates, homemade cakes and sausage rolls, croissants, lardy cakes and bacon butties – they were all very much appreciated and really helped us get through the day.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and all your wishes are fulfilled.

Dont forget we don’t open again until Friday 30th December

Sue and #TeamFish

4 Sleeps….

As we head into the last few days before the main event we’re getting everything ready for the busiest weekend of our year


Top fish on our customers wish list this year are Turbot, Wild Bass, Dover Sole, Lemons and Monkfish. We’ve got deliveries coming in every day so there’s still time to pop in and pick up something fabulous for your Christmas table


Shellfish is always a crowd pleaser for Christmas Eve or Boxing Day. Our lobster pot is going to be at capacity with lobsters and crabs and we’ll have some available if you haven’t got round to ordering them.


If you’re looking for something super- easy we’ll be preparing lots of delicious treats – salmon mousse pots, mini dressed crabs and smoked salmon canapé blinis are really tasty and look pretty impressive


Our freshly prepared, ready to cook products are real winners. The sesame coated sashimi tuna with Asian-style dressing is one of our most popular products. It’s absolutely delicious and so simple to cook. Simply sear the outside edge to toast the seeds leaving the centre rare, slice as thin as you like and serve with the dressing.

Our top tip – Friday will be a good day of you want the ‘full selection’. We have lots of deliveries due in and everything you buy from us on Friday will still be absolutely perfect on Sunday.  If Friday’s out of the question don’t leave it too late on Saturday – we open at 7am  and close at 1:30pm

We’re really looking forward to seeing so many of you over the next few days. If we get a wriggle on there may even be a few mince pies and some mulled wine floating around on Saturday – although that may be wishful thinking as I sit here looking at the scary- long list of orders we’re getting ready to prepare…

Sue x



More wild bass due in tomorrow…

If you missed out on Andrew’s prime catch of stunning wild bass last weekend, don’t worry he’s been hard at work all morning and is sending us lots more for tomorrow.


They’ll be in first thing in the morning and we’ll have a good range of sizes available so whether you want a simple treat for two or a delicious meal for more we’ll have something to suit.


He’s also pulled in some stunning pollack, whiting and cod. All sparklingly fresh and in prime condition.



And finally, a real treat… just a few beautiful Cornish Anchovies. They won’t be on the counter for long that’s for sure.

Sue x



A gentle reminder…

Saturday 17th December is the final day to get your orders in for Christmas and New Year


We’ll be closing our order book at the end of the day on Saturday 17th so, if you want to make sure your requirements are available give us a call on 01276 66618 or pop in and we’ll put your order in the book.

Fish is looking pretty good for next week and the Cornish boys will be working hard to bring fish to the tables of Camberley. Andrew’s heading out early to try to bag a few more of those spectacular bass and he’s pulling in a few rogue pots so we’ll have some of his ‘out of season’ and very sought after lobsters towards the end of the week


Andrew’s ‘stiff-alive’ bass and Alan’s extra large Monk. Stunning specimens caught by fabulous fishermen

The lovely ladies at our crab supplier in Devon will be working their socks off cooking and picking  crabs and we’ll be getting deliveries on Tuesday and Thursday. For New Year we’ll get a big delivery of live shellfish so we’ll have freshly cooked cock crabs available when we reopen after Christmas.


Large crabs from Devon available live or freshly cooked

We’ve got oysters coming up from Essex, Devon and Fin de Claires from France. Scottish Langos and Scallops as well as our ‘Badboy’ tigers, palourdes, mussels, winkles and whelks


A selection of oysters, perfect for New Year celebrations

If you’re not sure what you fancy and like to chose your selection on the day, our top tip is to try to arrive early as we are quite likely to sell out of a few things pretty early next week. Our opening times are found in the link below

Christmas Opening Times


Sue x

It’s all about the bass…

Lots of beautiful Wild Cornish bass caught by Andrew Stevens out of Newlyn are heading up from Cornwall to Camberley and they’ll be on our counter tomorrow.


Andrew’s catch – landed today, on our counter tomorrow

The Cornish lobster season finished a few weeks ago and Andrew moved straight onto ‘the fish’. We’ve been enjoying some stunning pollack, haddock, grey mullet and mackerel over the month or so, but this morning’s haul is a real treat and we got very excited when he sent us the image of the bass he’d just landed. ‘They’re still jumping, Sue’ was his first comment when I called him to tell him we’d take the lot.

They’ll be available tomorrow and Saturday if you fancy a real treat for the weekend. Or we can get them all prepped up and ready for you to pop in the freezer. They’ll make a welcome change from leftover turkey that’s for sure

As ever we’ll have lots more super-fresh Cornish fish on the counter – lemons, brill, monk, super-chunky Ray and plaice, Turbot, John Dory and the ever popular Ajax Hake

Mackerel looking upLine caught Cornish Mackerel

Ajax Hake

Ajax Hake will be with us tomorrow


Sesame coated tuna loins with Asian style dressing

Squid 2

Stunning Cornish Squid

Crabs are superb at the moment- we’ll have live, freshly cooked and dressed available – and we’ve got our superb River Teign mussels and Shetland scallops arriving first thing

scallops Devon

Plump Shetland Scallops

Oh, and finally, finally, a gentle reminder that our order book closes on Saturday.

Pop in or give us a call on 01276 66618 to place your orders


Sue x


We’re almost 2!

It’s been an absolute whirlwind and I cannot believe we are almost at the end of our second year

We opened our doors on 4th December 2014 with lots of excitement and equal amounts of trepidation, but never did I imagine we’d see so many wonderful customers or sell quite so much fish! It’s been an absolute delight and I can’t thank you all enough for making our business so special


We’all be celebrating in style on Saturday 3rd December with canapés and fizz, so if you’re around please pop in and have a nibble on us

Sue x