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The AJAX has landed

Our regular customers will know how much we love our Cornish Hake and are especially proud to be able to sell hake caught by our good friend Alan off the Ajax out of Newlyn

Ajax Hake

Fish was extremely hard to get hold of at the beginning of this week with severe gales hampering the fishing effort around our coast, but as the week has progressed the variety available has increased and everything’s getting back to normal.

Tomorrow our counter will be heaving with fabulous, fresh Cornish fish and star of the show will be Hake, landed in Newlyn by our favourite hake boat the Ajax. Skippered by Alan their hake is sought after by fishmongers and chefs around the country. The quality of their catch is second to none and this will be our first delivery since Christmas so we are really looking forward to getting our hands on Alan’s fish

Some of you may have seen him on Tuesday’s ITV documentary Trawlermens Tales. It was a really insightful programme following some of the vessels out of Newlyn which is where we source 90% of our wild capture British fish. If you missed it it’s still available on catch up and is well worth a look

And, for a little light reading, the link below takes you to a great article written by self confessed fishaholic Mike Warner (with a very nice recipe at the end)

All Hail the Hake by Mike Warner

Sue xx


Countdown to Christmas

We’re heading towards our final week before the big day and our order book is filling up fast

It seems like many of you will be enjoying seafood at some point over Christmas, and we’ll have lots of fabulous fresh fish being delivered every day between now and the 24th December

We’ll be taking orders for the rest of this week, so make sure you pop in or give us a call to secure your requirements. As ever, fish is likely to be very short Christmas week, due to the huge increase in demand for top drawer seafood, so we are already working closely with our wonderful suppliers to ensure we have a great selection available.

From our much loved #AjaxHake to wonderful wild turbot, large king scallops to the humble winkle – if you know what you fancy don’t keep it to yourself and hope for the best – get your order in the book and relax

Call us on 01276 66618 and we’ll be happy to advise

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Wild Cornish Bass


Razors and whelks

Razors, whelks and Palourdes

Sashimi Tuna 2


Sashimi Grade Tuna Loin

Turbot 1

Cornish Turbot and Monkfish


Wild Prawns

Huge Wild Capture Tiger Prawns


Native Lobsters


Wild Halibut Steaks







Beautiful Cornish Brill


Shellfish live

Live Langoustine


We’re celebrating our first birthday!

We are officially one year old on 4th December and would like to say a huge thank you to all our customers

1 year

As well as our usual spectacular Cornish selection, this week, from Tuesday till Saturday we are running a special ‘Thank you’ promotion. Our brilliant suppliers are on board, and we are absolutely delighted to be able to offer all our customers

  Whole Scottish Salmon at £5.80 per kg

Each fish will weigh between 2 and 3kg and if you don’t fancy tackling them yourself, we will fillet them for you. They are suitable for freezing, so it’s a perfect opportunity to pop one away to enjoy over the Christmas holidays

For those of you who don’t need a whole fish we also have a great price on our Fresh Scottish Salmon Fillets at £10.80kg and they are available as either large whole sides, or individual portions cut to size

We are getting daily deliveries, but if you want to guarantee you get your fish, give us a call on 01276 66618 to reserve yours

Thank you all xxx

It’s been almost a year!

It’s now 50 weeks since we opened the doors of our Fish Shop, and what an amazing journey we’ve had.

As we head into the final weeks of our first year, we’re contending with severe weather all around the coast, which has definitely had an impact on fish availability. We’ve been very lucky to still get some great quality fish out of Cornwall despite the gales, and as ever our fishermen are doing everything they can to get fish to the table.

I love this time of year, the fish really is in prime condition, and the quality is outstanding. Brill has been the star of the show for the last few weeks, and our customers have been making the most of the catch.

Brill caught by

Our Cornish Hake is still my all time favourite, and we’re delighted that we now sell more Hake than Cod. Most of our Hake comes off the Ajax, skippered by Alan out of Newlyn. He’s very proud of his fish, and we’re very proud to sell it. You can tweet Alan your feedback on his fabulous fish here as he loves to see his Hake on the dinner plates of our customers

Ajax Hake

Keep an eye out for a very special offer we’re running to celebrate our anniversary week. You loved the Lobsters Feast over our 6 month milestone, so we’re planning something equally fabulous – details to follow soon xx




Looking forward to another fabulously fish filled week…

The weather may be very challenging, with gale force winds and stormy seas, but our fishermen are out there doing what they do best – bringing us the most beautiful British seafood, every day

The quality of fish throughout the Autumn is spectacular with lots of variety giving us so much to choose from. Flatties are great at the moment – plump plaice and lemons, dovers, brill, turbot, megs and witch and we’re even seeing the odd dab. So many of our customers are now working their way through all the different species on offer. As a fishmonger this is one of the most rewarding things about the job, getting people to try something new, knowing they will absolutely love it

Native lobsters are still around, and still at a very reasonable price. This won’t last forever and we’ll start to see less and less over the next few months, with super high prices heading into the festive season. So if you feel like a real treat its a good idea to fill your boots now, then hold back until we get back to Lobster season for summer 2016. All our lobsters come in live and we cook, split and prepare them for you so they are very easy. And our Lobster Thermidor are also proving to be a big hit, all prepared and ready to pop under the grill

Hope to see you soon, and remember, if you’re looking for something in particular its always a good idea to give us a call and order it. We do tend to sell out pretty early, especially at weekends


Ajax Hake Plaice Oysters Squid

Early Closing on Thursday 10th September…

We’ll be closing a little early on Thursday 10th September, at 4:45pm rather than our usual 7pm as we’re all off to Foxhills for the Surrey Life Food and Drink Awards Dinner

We’re very proud to be one of the three finalists in Best Newcomer for 2015, and we’re taking the whole team to the black tie event. It starts at 6:30pm, and as we’ll all be pretty fishy, we need a wee bit of time to scrub up and de-scale before heading off for the champagne reception.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us, it was purely down to customer nominations and the judge told us we received some really fabulous comments – thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx

Surrey Life Food Awards

Gearing up for the Bank Holiday

We’re very excited to be heading down to Newlyn this Bank Holiday weekend to support Newlyn Fish Festival and help to raise funds for our favourite charity The Fishermen’s Mission

Thank to everyone who’s visited us, it’s been a really busy August, and we’ve seen record numbers of customers.  As ever, the quality of the fish has been outstanding and we have to thank our fabulous suppliers for looking after us so well.

There’s been a huge variety available – Cornish sardines are finally in season, just in time for those last few barbecues, and they are exceptionally plump and sparkly. The John Dory have been flying off the slab, and it seems that you just can’t get enough of our spectacular #AJAX Hake

We’ve another month or so of great quality (and reasonably priced) crabs and lobsters, and we’re seeing a lot of huge ray wings and super-chunky place and lemon sole.  Plenty to chose from and only a couple more weeks till those pesky mussels are back on sale…

We hope to see you as we head into the weekend, and please make sure you place orders (01276 66618) if there’s something specific you need – we don’t like to disappoint, but I’m pretty confident that it will be another sell out Saturday

Sue x


Ajax Hake Halibut Multideck Oysters Plaice Sashimi Tuna Shellfish Swordfish Whole cod Wild Prawns

We’re celebrating our first 6 months!

This week, we’re celebrating our first 6 months in The Fish Shop! We opened our doors on 4th December last year – how time flies when you’re having fun!

We’ve had the most amazing journey and as we’ve said many times, it’s all down to our fabulous customers who make our job so easy and make every day special

It’s a great time of year for seafood, and we’ve got some stunning fish coming up from our wonderful friends in Newlyn to kick of this very special week.

We’ve also got a real treat in store for you! As a genuine ‘Thank you’ to all our fabulous customers we’re running a very special offer on our British lobsters. The season is just coming into full swing now, and with the support of our lobster men, we’re bringing lots of live lobsters up from the South West. They’ll be available all week (while stocks last) – live, boiled or split and dressed – for £10 each! Don’t ever say we’re not good to you xxx

Scallops - diver lobster Live crabs Hake Steaks Gurnard Codling Clams on counter



Now open until 7pm EVERY Thursday!

Shellfish counterWe know how much you’re enjoying shopping at The Fish Shop, so we thought we’d open a bit later one day a week, for those of you who struggle to get to us before 5:30pm…

We’re now well into our 4th month and have just enjoyed our busiest week ever.  It’s been fabulous, serving all our loyal fish fans as well as seeing many new customers visiting us for the first time.

Lots of you are saying that you’d like to be able to pop in mid week after work, so starting from 30th April, we will be staying open until 7pm every Thursday. We’ll make sure we have a great selection available for you, and the fish will be the same superb quality, so can be kept refrigerated and used on Friday or Saturday, if needed.

You can also give us a call on 01276 66618 and place an order for collection – that way you know for sure we’ll have what you want.

Looking forward to seeing you!



Summer has arrived at The Fish Shop

What a fantastic week, it really felt like the middle of summer  for a few days, and our customers certainly celebrated in style by breaking out the barbecues! And the good weather looks like it’s here to stay, at least for the rest of this week…

We took some of the hard work out of fish preparation and had ready prepared mackerel, salmon and king prawn skewers as well as the extremely popular sweet chilli salmon on our counter just in time for the sunshine, from he fish hey caught using the right size hooks got from a store online.

Its also TURBOT TIME! The Cornish Turbot season is now in full swing – the quality is superb and our counter was heaving with these beauties (at least until we sold out at about 11am!) The season should continue for another few weeks, so don’t miss out and try one while they are at their absolute best

Looking forward to seeing you soon, Sue xx

Stuffed mackerel
Mackerel with Rosemary, Thyme, Garlic & Lemon
Sweet Chilli
Sticky Sweet Chilli Salmon Fillets
Turbot 1
Fabulous Cornish Turbot – the season has just started and they are truly superb!
Platter for 4 large image
Seafood Platters are becoming hugely popular. Every one is bespoke and made on the morning of collection.
Shellfish counter
Our shellfish counter, heaving with delicious seafood