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Heading towards the fishiest of all #FishFridays…

Easter is almost here, and the long standing tradition of eating fish on Good Friday means that we are expecting to be even more busy than normal this week.

We’ll have our usual stunning fish delivered directly from our friends in Newlyn, Cornwall as well as shellfish from Devon and the more exotic species like our Sashimi grade Yellow Fin Tuna and beautiful, meaty Swordfish Loins

You don’t have to get up at silly o’clock to make sure you get what you want – give us a call on 01276 66618 and we’ll put your order away, so you won’t be disappointed

Clams on counter Codling Gurnard Hake Steaks Mackerel tails John Dory Live crabs lobster Mackerel Scallops - diver Scallops and king prawns Shellfish cooked Skate JD Display Squid Turbot Swordfish