It’s been almost a year!

It’s now 50 weeks since we opened the doors of our Fish Shop, and what an amazing journey we’ve had.

As we head into the final weeks of our first year, we’re contending with severe weather all around the coast, which has definitely had an impact on fish availability. We’ve been very lucky to still get some great quality fish out of Cornwall despite the gales, and as ever our fishermen are doing everything they can to get fish to the table.

I love this time of year, the fish really is in prime condition, and the quality is outstanding. Brill has been the star of the show for the last few weeks, and our customers have been making the most of the catch.

Brill caught by

Our Cornish Hake is still my all time favourite, and we’re delighted that we now sell more Hake than Cod. Most of our Hake comes off the Ajax, skippered by Alan out of Newlyn. He’s very proud of his fish, and we’re very proud to sell it. You can tweet Alan your feedback on his fabulous fish here as he loves to see his Hake on the dinner plates of our customers

Ajax Hake

Keep an eye out for a very special offer we’re running to celebrate our anniversary week. You loved the Lobsters Feast over our 6 month milestone, so we’re planning something equally fabulous – details to follow soon xx




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