More wild bass due in tomorrow…

If you missed out on Andrew’s prime catch of stunning wild bass last weekend, don’t worry he’s been hard at work all morning and is sending us lots more for tomorrow.


They’ll be in first thing in the morning and we’ll have a good range of sizes available so whether you want a simple treat for two or a delicious meal for more we’ll have something to suit.


He’s also pulled in some stunning pollack, whiting and cod. All sparklingly fresh and in prime condition.



And finally, a real treat… just a few beautiful Cornish Anchovies. They won’t be on the counter for long that’s for sure.

Sue x



2 thoughts on “More wild bass due in tomorrow…”

  1. Do you do any form of voucher that can be given to someone as a gift say for £20.00 or multiples thereof that they can use when it suits

    1. Hi Roger, sorry for the slight delay in responding, the last few days have been bonkers so I’ve only just picked this up. If it’s not too late, yes we do issue vouchers and we can make them out for any amount. The recipient doesn’t have to spend the face value in one transaction, we can deduct their spend on each visit until the full amount is used up. Merry Christmas and kind regards, Sue

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