We have a fabulous range of delicious shellfish from our beautiful Native lobsters to freshly boiled winkles


From UK waters we stock a wide range of seasonally available shellfish. Our Cornish lobsters and Devon ‘cock’ crabs are delivered into us live, and are available either live or freshly cooked and prepared.

Throughout the season (April until October) ALL our lobsters are caught by our lobster fisherman, Andrew Stevens on Benediction out of Newlyn. We buy his total catch, and our customers are absolutely thrilled by the quality and provenance of Andrew’s catch

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Andrew blackboard

Fabulous scallops, langoustine and razors out of Scotland. A great choice of oysters from Colchester, Maldon and River Teign.

scallops-devon      oysters-open

oyster-trio crab-claws

sea-urchins razors


Extra large cock crabs are brought up live by Adam from Paignton, Devon and available live, cooked and dressed

Live crabs

Not everything is available from UK waters, and we stock a great range of delicious shellfish from around the world

Wild Prawns


Give us a call on 01276 66618 if you’d like to know more about the products we have available.




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