Say it with seafood…

If you’re trying to decide what on earth to cook for your Valentine this weekend, why not chose some beautiful seafood. It’s so quick and easy and looks really impressive – and we’ve got a great selection coming in tomorrow for all you romantics out there…


Shellfish is a very popular treat at this time of year. We’ll have the pot on early to get all our lobsters and crabs cooked, and we’ll have live available as well if you’d like to cook them yourself.

Fabulous chef John Fell has produced a really easy to follow step by step video for Lobster Thermidor. We’ve tried it and it’s delicious – link below…

John’s Thermidor Recipe


Large Tiger Prawns can be simply split and brushed with garlic and herb marinade, then popped under the grill for a few minutes. Our scallops are being delivered from Devon, and we’ll have clams and mussels as well

Oysters, that well known aphrodisiac, are particularly good and we have Maldons and River Teign available tomorrow. Maldons, from the Blackwater Estuary have a very distinctive flavour due to the salt marshes they are grown in and are really plump and delicious. River Teign in Devon produce a more rich, creamy oyster, which is proving really popular with our customers. We can ‘pop’ the hinges for you if you’re eating them on the day, or we’ll give you a quick masterclass in the shop to show you how to open them yourselves

The weather hasn’t hampered the fishing effort as much as we feared this week and tomorrow’s counter will be heaving with stunningly fresh day boat fish

Anything red is always a winner on Valentine’s Day and our lovely red mullet are on their way up from Brixham. Caught by the fishing boat, the Emily Rose, they are sure to very popular on Sunday evening. We’ve also got Turbot, Brill, John Dory, Halibut, Lemons and Dovers arriving in the morning, and we’ll have our usual great selection on the counter

If you’re going for simple, it’s got to be good, and there’s nothing better than our Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna Loin. We will cut it to any thickness, and it’s so easy to prepare – simply sear on the outside and serve with a delicious dressing – it couldn’t be easier.

Our favourite ‘drizzle’ is super simple – some dark soy sauce, add some runny honey until it gets to the sweetness level you like, grate in some ginger, add a bit of finely chopped red chilli and a some torn coriander. Brush the tuna with a little oil. Put a heavy based pan or griddle on high heat and allow to get really hot. Once hot, pop the tuna steak in the pan, wait for the ‘cooked’ colour to move up the steak about 1-2mm, then turn the tuna – it only takes a minute or so! When you’ve turned the tuna, throw in the marinade, allow the tuna to cook on the second side and remove from the pan. Give the marinade another few seconds, then drizzle over the tuna. Make sure you have your wine poured and everything ready, and simply serve with a few leaves – tasty and delicious, just what you need to impress

And finally, if you’re searching for a ‘last minute’ gift, for that extra special person in your life, we’ve had another delivery of Kings Caviar this week. Ridiculously indulgent, but very well received

As ever, you don’t have to wake up at silly o’clock to make sure you get your first choice. If you know what you’d like give us a call on 01276 66618 and we will reserve your order for you to collect later in the day xx

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    1. Good choice Ian, Vongolle always a winner! Don’t forget to pick up your complimentary parsley to finish the dish. See you tomorrow, Sue x

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