The AJAX has landed

Our regular customers will know how much we love our Cornish Hake and are especially proud to be able to sell hake caught by our good friend Alan off the Ajax out of Newlyn

Ajax Hake

Fish was extremely hard to get hold of at the beginning of this week with severe gales hampering the fishing effort around our coast, but as the week has progressed the variety available has increased and everything’s getting back to normal.

Tomorrow our counter will be heaving with fabulous, fresh Cornish fish and star of the show will be Hake, landed in Newlyn by our favourite hake boat the Ajax. Skippered by Alan their hake is sought after by fishmongers and chefs around the country. The quality of their catch is second to none and this will be our first delivery since Christmas so we are really looking forward to getting our hands on Alan’s fish

Some of you may have seen him on Tuesday’s ITV documentary Trawlermens Tales. It was a really insightful programme following some of the vessels out of Newlyn which is where we source 90% of our wild capture British fish. If you missed it it’s still available on catch up and is well worth a look

And, for a little light reading, the link below takes you to a great article written by self confessed fishaholic Mike Warner (with a very nice recipe at the end)

All Hail the Hake by Mike Warner

Sue xx


2 thoughts on “The AJAX has landed”

  1. If I am your regular customer (I’m sure you have more than one!) I must thank you not only for the fish but also for alerting me to the this great documentary series. It’s enhanced my respect for these fine men.

    1. Hahaha! Typo fixed, thanks David!! Late night blogging after a busy day obviously requires additional proof reading. I’m so pleased you enjoyed watching Trawlermen Tales it’s been great for us to be able to tell our customers that they can see how their fish was caught – by the actual people who really do catch it. It’s a tough life and I have massive respect for those who risk so much to bring fish to our tables xx

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