A gentle reminder…

Saturday 17th December is the final day to get your orders in for Christmas and New Year


We’ll be closing our order book at the end of the day on Saturday 17th so, if you want to make sure your requirements are available give us a call on 01276 66618 or pop in and we’ll put your order in the book.

Fish is looking pretty good for next week and the Cornish boys will be working hard to bring fish to the tables of Camberley. Andrew’s heading out early to try to bag a few more of those spectacular bass and he’s pulling in a few rogue pots so we’ll have some of his ‘out of season’ and very sought after lobsters towards the end of the week


Andrew’s ‘stiff-alive’ bass and Alan’s extra large Monk. Stunning specimens caught by fabulous fishermen

The lovely ladies at our crab supplier in Devon will be working their socks off cooking and picking  crabs and we’ll be getting deliveries on Tuesday and Thursday. For New Year we’ll get a big delivery of live shellfish so we’ll have freshly cooked cock crabs available when we reopen after Christmas.


Large crabs from Devon available live or freshly cooked

We’ve got oysters coming up from Essex, Devon and Fin de Claires from France. Scottish Langos and Scallops as well as our ‘Badboy’ tigers, palourdes, mussels, winkles and whelks


A selection of oysters, perfect for New Year celebrations

If you’re not sure what you fancy and like to chose your selection on the day, our top tip is to try to arrive early as we are quite likely to sell out of a few things pretty early next week. Our opening times are found in the link below

Christmas Opening Times


Sue x

2 thoughts on “A gentle reminder…”

  1. Hi Sue and Jazz! We think your fish shop is the best we’ve ever come across and we had a great time buying fresh fish, prepared meals
    and starters on Thursday. Everything is delicious, beautifully presented and packed with great care. Thank you so much! Gabrielle and John

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