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We took the plunge to follow our dream and on 4th December 2014 opened our very own traditional fish shop on the Frimley Road, Camberley

Shop Front

We are really proud to showcase the very best quality, wild capture fish and shellfish sourced mainly from Newlyn, Cornwall and the South Coast. We have fabulous suppliers, who select the very best of the day’s catch from the coastal fish markets and we can have it on our slab within 24 hours. We even give you the name of many of the vessels that caught our fish, and encourage customers to engage with some of the fishermen who use social media – its so rewarding to let our fishermen see where the fish they worked so hard to catch ends up!

Ajax Hake


Duncan and Sue Lucas have spent their entire working lives in ‘the fish business’ and between them have almost 80 years experience – they both started very young!

Sue & Duncan

Starting off in 1979 as a Saturday girl in her mum & dad’s shop – MacKenzie’s Fish & Game – in Camberley, Sue now manages the day to day running of The Fish Shop and is responsible for ensuring the quality and range exceeds our customers’ expectations

Having remained in the seafood industry for her entire career, Sue’s knowledge of retail fishmongery lead naturally into a product development role, and over many years she was responsible for creating some of the highest quality, award winning seafood products available in the UK’s premium supermarkets.

In 2010 Sue started work with Sainsbury’s initially to deliver training to fish counter colleagues, and then as their Seafood Product Developer. Although this was her ‘dream job’, she could not resist the pull of returning to her roots and opening up her own fish shop

Duncan has also worked in the seafood industry for over 35 years. He began his career in the family business, farming trout, but was very soon drawn into the world of retailing, his career covers many aspects of the industry, from independent and multiple retail, to processing and manufacturing.

He is seriously accomplished in the art of fishmongery and holds many awards including the Guinness World Record for filleting halibut. His impressive party piece is to ‘pocket’ a plaice in less that 60 seconds

Duncan has remained in his Monday to Friday role with New England Seafoods as their Seafood Specialist. He is also resident Saturday Boy at The Fish Shop and supports Sue with the business

Jasmine & Tiago – the Dream Team! IMG_8385

Jasmine is definitely following in her mum’s footsteps with a real passion for the business. After taking a holiday to help out on opening week, she quickly realised that this was exactly what she wanted to do, and joined the business immediately.

Customers are really impressed with her recipe ideas and recommendations and are always sharing their recipes with her. It makes Sue & Duncan very proud to see her knowledge and skill develop and she is a real asset to the business

Tiago – our fabulous Portuguese fishmonger, what would we do without him!!

We were absolutely delighted when Tiago joined the team in April 2015 and he has made a huge difference to the business. His super ninja fish filleting skills are exceptional and he has a real love of seafood, which is very obvious when he shares some of his delicious Mediterranean recipes


Amber – always steps in when we need her most

Amber is Sue’s youngest daughter. She graduated from Bournemouth University in 2017 with a 2:1 in Marketing. She moved straight into a great career working for a  company in Windsor specialising in the design, development and delivery of  on-board food and service solutions for airlines. We are very lucky to have her help during busy weekends and Christmas.


20 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Love all your videos on YouTube. I’ve watched a few more than once. In your bit of blurb over there, you say visit our website for equipment. I’ve had a look but can’t see any info on here about equipment. Apologies if I’ve missed it. I’d love to know about (and buy) the knives you use.

    1. Hi Sue, thanks so much for getting in touch. We used to sell equipment on our website before we opened the Fish Shop, but we don’t anymore. You can buy it all now online through places like Amazon, Continental Chefs or Russoms – and to be honest, they are much better prices than we could sell them for anyway. The key ‘specialist’ equiment we use is the Victorinox 6″ fibrox filleting knife and the Matfer fish scaler – the boning knife and the steaking knife are also Victorinox, but you could use any solid knife instead, it’s only really the filleting knife that is the important one. If you need any more info, please let me know – you can ping me an email on info@passionateaboutfish.co.uk or post on here. Thanks, Sue

    1. Hello, thanks for your message, we’re delighted that you enjoy the videos. We haven’t got any more planned at the moment, but I’m sure we could add some to the site If there’s anything specific you’d like to see let us know and we can try to organise it


      1. Thanks for reply

        I think you comprehensively covered all the fish types I know of!

        How about covering these topics?

        “Bang for buck” purchases
        “Seasonal” eating (if it exists?)
        Preparing small fish (e.g. sardines)
        Preserving fish (e.g. replacing supermarket tins)
        Sustainability/stock info’ (e.g. catch methods)

        Hope this is useful

        Kind regards

        1. Lots to think about there! We’ll try to work something up and do some when we get the chance. The shop is so ridiculously busy all the ‘nice to do’ things keep slipping down the priority list. We will get there! Sue x

  2. I take every opportunity to buy fish at the Fish Shop. The fish is absolutely superb.
    Sue and her team are very friendly, and their knowlege of how to maximise the flavour of the fish is amazing. We are a very lucky community to have The Fish Shop on our doorstep.
    Even better, it’s down the end of my road!

  3. Sue I remember you from way back when you were with Bo Mackenzie and then I saw you in Sainsbury and it goes on and on – You are very talented with your knowledge and preparation of fish – I was soo delighted when I saw that you had opened a shop in Frimley – I have now told my Son who lives in Hartley Witney and he will definitely be visiting you as he LOVES fish – I always thought that it would be wonderful if a fishmongers was opened in the Camberley and hey presto you have done it with Duncan – all I can say that you will not regret it as there is a huge market for a fishmongers because all we had were Supermarkets – Well done and wish you both every success
    Daphne x

    1. Thanks Daphne! It certainly seems like the good people of Camberley were in need of a fishmongers, we’ve had an amazing few months since we opened. Thanks for your lovely comments, I really appreciate them, its been my ambition to do this ever since Dad sold the business in Camberley, and its only taken me 15 years to pluck up the courage 🙂 xx

    2. I need help my Mother is coming up to 93 and loves fish, I need help with buying and freezing some ready for party. Not sure how meny.

      P.s Malk & I love fish.

      1. Hi Pam, so sorry for the delay in responding, I’m having a few IT challenges and missed your post. Hopefully you managed to call up, or pop in and g t an answer to your question, but if not, please give me a call on 01276 66618 and we’ll try to help, Sue x

  4. Just had the most wonderful plaice ever, well worth waiting for, looking forward to Seafood linguine this evening. Also thank you so much Sue for the smoked haddock kedegree recipe we loved it! Jackie.

    1. Hi Jackie, we’re delighted that you enjoyed the plaice – they’re just starting to fatten up now, so will be getting better and better over the next few weeks. And, really pleased the kedgeree worked out, its so quick and simple but really tasty!

  5. I had my fist couple of kippers from you last week; they are far superior to anything I’ve had from the large supermarkets, yet at a very affordable price. How are they superior ? They have more flavour and once you get the main bone rack out, you are not left continually picking bones out of the cooked meat (unlike the Tesco/Sainsbury kippers), You can actually get a decent amount of fish meat onto your fork without the fear and inconvenience of millions of bones in your mouth !’ll be down to buy more at the weekend (you are shut by the time I get home from work); hopefully you will have some left !. . .

    1. Hi Ian, thanks for your comments, we’re delighted that you liked our kippers. Hope you managed to get some for the weekend, we do tend to sell out on Saturdays, but you can always give us a call in the morning and reserve a pair.

    1. Hi Kevin, thanks so much for your lovely comments, we really appreciate you taking the time to post. Really pleased you enjoyed your visit, Sue x

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