Fish Preparation Videos

Before we opened our fish shop, we were involved in lots of training sessions around the UK and abroad.

People always asked how to prepare various species of fish and shellfish, so we produced a few ‘How to’ videos on YouTube

Simply click on the links and it will take you to the step-by-step videos

How to prepare a cooked lobster

How to prepare a crab

How to prepare fresh squid

How to prepare langoustine

How to fillet sardines

How to fillet a salmon

How to fillet a Wild Bass

How to fillet a plaice – for beginners

How to fillet a gurnard

How to prepare a whole hake

How to fillet pollack

How to fillet turbot

How to fillet cod

How to fillet megrim

How to prepare a whole monkfish

How to skin and trim dover sole

How to prepare bass and bream


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