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(Christmas Opening Hours)

*** We are closed from New Year’s Eve for one week, reopening at 8am on Tuesday 8th January 2019 ***

It may seem a bit ‘old fashioned’ with most retail businesses opening at least 6 days a week and many 24/7, but we are closed on Sunday and Monday.

In truth, the world of truly fresh, wild capture fish hasn’t changed over many years and coastal fish auctions still run from Monday to Friday, meaning there is no availability of fresh fish or shellfish on a Sunday or Monday. We want to bring you the freshest fish possible and therefore took the decision to follow the traditional route and open Tuesday to Saturday

The Fish Shop Camberley Opening Hours
Open for Business

                                  Tuesday to Friday: 07:30 to 17:30

                                          Saturday: 07:30 to 16:00

We also close on each Tuesday following a Bank Holiday Monday. This is again, because the coastal fish markets don’t operate on Bank Holidays, so the first auction is held on Tuesday and our fish is sent overnight for our Wednesday opening




5 thoughts on “Opening Hours”

  1. Visited your shop on friday 27th Jan for the first time.
    Wow what an amazing experience.
    I’ve been a chef for over 40 years and I’m still passionate about the food I buy and cook especially when it comes to fresh fish .
    I’ve always been disappoint with not just the fish in the supermarkets but the people behind the counter .
    But you guys are so passionate about your fish it was so good to see .
    Also all the extras that you do , the fresh herbs , fresh bread, fresh vegetables and so many other little touches just amazing
    Can’t wait to come back and buy some tuna steaks they looked amazing .
    Well dobe guys .

  2. All I can say is fantastic service AGAIN! And well done for standing up for your staff…rude woman at 0740 consider yourself lucky my parents taught me never to be rude to girls. Without out doubt the best thing to happen in camberley in a long time!!

    1. Hi Marc, thanks so much for your lovely comments, it does mean a lot. Christmas can be a stressful time for everyone and sometimes people have so much on their mind they forget the effort that retailers put in to make it all happen, especially when you’re a small business. The girls and Tiago worked so hard all night to get the orders ready, and they were all so tired I was really incredibly proud of them all. We only had a couple of minor and very fixable’challenges’ throughout the day and I’m sorry you were exposed to one of them. The team went home tired but very happy with a real sense of achievement and now have 4 days to recover before New Year. Merry Christmas and kind regards, Sue

  3. I’ve just been to your shop 1pm 26 May and you were closed has something happened ? As there’s nothing on your web site.

    1. Hi Richard,

      No, don’t panic, we’re still here and I’m so sorry for your wasted visit, but we always close on a Tuesday following a Bank Holiday Monday. Most of our fish comes from the South Coast, Newlyn in particular, and the coastal fish markets don’t operate on a Bank Holiday, so the first day that we can get super fresh fish delivered direct from the auctions is overnight on the Tuesday for a Wednesday opening. It is a bit of a pain, and we’d love to be able to open as we would be busy, but the only way we could manage this is if we held fresh fish over the weekend, which I’m not prepared to do, as we want it to be as fresh as possible for our customers.

      We don’t have another one until August, so it’s business as usual Tuesday to Saturday until then

      Sue x

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