Looking forward to another fabulously fish filled week…

The weather may be very challenging, with gale force winds and stormy seas, but our fishermen are out there doing what they do best – bringing us the most beautiful British seafood, every day

The quality of fish throughout the Autumn is spectacular with lots of variety giving us so much to choose from. Flatties are great at the moment – plump plaice and lemons, dovers, brill, turbot, megs and witch and we’re even seeing the odd dab. So many of our customers are now working their way through all the different species on offer. As a fishmonger this is one of the most rewarding things about the job, getting people to try something new, knowing they will absolutely love it

Native lobsters are still around, and still at a very reasonable price. This won’t last forever and we’ll start to see less and less over the next few months, with super high prices heading into the festive season. So if you feel like a real treat its a good idea to fill your boots now, then hold back until we get back to Lobster season for summer 2016. All our lobsters come in live and we cook, split and prepare them for you so they are very easy. And our Lobster Thermidor are also proving to be a big hit, all prepared and ready to pop under the grill

Hope to see you soon, and remember, if you’re looking for something in particular its always a good idea to give us a call and order it. We do tend to sell out pretty early, especially at weekends


Ajax Hake Plaice Oysters Squid

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