Our Cornish Lobsters are on Countryfile tonight…

If you tune in to Countryfile at 7pm tonight (15th May) on BBC1, you’ll see Anita Rani out with Andrew Stevens, Camberley’s favourite lobster fisherman, pulling  in some of his pots off the coast of Newlyn, Cornwall.

lobsters andrew and anita

The Countryfile team went out with Andrew and his fellow Dreckly Fisherman Louis on the Victoria Anne. It seems like they had a great day, with Anita actually helping to haul some of Andrew’s pots – who would have guessed that some of the lobsters enjoyed by our customers were in fact pulled out of the water by a Countryfile presenter.

As most of you already know, Andrew catches all our lobsters throughout the season, and we are really proud to be able to sell his catch. Many of you enjoyed his wonderful natives last year, and this year they are proving to be even more popular. We’re very lucky that he’s such an experienced fisherman or we might not be able to meet the demands of our lobster loving customers.

A few weeks ago he spent the day in the Fish Shop with his lovely wife Sally, talking about what he does and just enjoying seeing the way our customers really appreciate what fishermen have to do to get fish to the table. You were all so welcoming and he enjoyed it so much that he’s offered to come back for another visit very soon. We’ll keep you posted…

Andrew blackboard

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