Andrew’s Catch

Andrew Stevens is a very well known and respected fisherman out of Newlyn and we absolutely love him


From April until October Andrew sets out on Benediction, his 19ft cygnus, baiting and dropping his pots to catch our Cornish Lobsters. Since April 2016, Andrew has supplied his catch exclusively to The Fish Shop and we are proud to have bought his total catch. This has been a very special relationship, and has benefitted everyone. Throughout the season we’ve been able to offer our customers these highly prized lobsters and they have certainly enjoyed them.

Andrew-pots-2 Andrew-lobster-2

In early June the spider season starts, and as well as lobsters, Andrew casts some nets and catches these weird, but wonderful creatures.

Andrew spiders

Towards the end of the lobster season, when the catch moves out to deeper waters and the pots start to empty out, Andrew moves onto fishing for pollack, mackerel, squid and a selection of flatties. He pulls his nets early afternoon, and we get his fish at 4am the following morning, The quality is spectacular, and although we never know what we’re getting we are always delighted with whatever he sends


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