Valentine’s Day Inspiration

If you’re racking your brain trying to come up with something absolutely delicious to serve up to that special person in your life, our Valentines Menu might help to inspire you

We’ve chosen some of our all time favourite ready-prepared fish and shellfish ideas and turned them into a four course menu to tickle your taste buds. Everything is simple to cook and truly tasty, so if you’re not that confident when it comes to cooking seafood we can help you to create a gastronomic extravaganza that you’ll both enjoy

Click on the link below to download our full menu for 2019

Valentines Menu 201

If you know what you’d like, or would like a little help making your selection, give us a call on 01276 66618 and we can take you through the various options and pop your order in the book. There will be lots available on the day, but it’s always best to make a reservation to make sure you’re not disappointed on the big day  We’ve even got some great recipe ideas for you to try

Quick and delicious Classic Mussel recipe

Super easy but ultra impressive Scallops

A fabulous main meal, ready in 15 mins

If you don’t fancy cooking, there’s a great selection of ready prepared fish and shellfish available

Little pots of love – our salmon mousse pots look beautiful and taste delicious

Lobster Platter for 2 – an indulgent treat to share

Our Platters for 2 are always very popular to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Some of our ready to cook selection, simple and delicious, the perfect combination

We’ve got lots of great ideas, so get in touch and we can help you make a truly memorable evening

Sue x