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Horrid Henry’s causing havoc

We’re now on our 8th named storm of the season and Henry seems to have had the biggest impact on the fishing effort so far

It’s been a tough week for our fishermen and winds around the UK are causing havoc and hampering the fishing effort. I’m quite surprised by the amount of fish that’s been available and the vessels that are making it out are bringing us some spectacularly good quality fish.

There hasn’t been a mackerel boat on the water for 3 days, and at the start of the week the selection was a little limited, with some species unavailable but we’re seeing more fish every day and this weekends looking great as the fishermen do everything they can to get out on the water to bring us their catch.

Hake continues to be our most popular fish and Alan’s first haul of the week has arrived in Camberley – outstanding quality as usual


We’ve got some lovely ‘2 person’ Brill and Turbot coming in and lots of very nice Red Mullet, Dovers, Lemons and Megrim, which if you’ve never tried are well worth a go. They’re delicious cooked whole, simply trimmed or we can fillet them for you

Shellfish is still proving to be a big hit with customers. Feedback on our Devon Mussels from Teignmouth has been great – they’re super plump and delicious and really hardy. For many they’re the ‘best they’ve ever eaten’, praise indeed!!

And we’ve got lots more Live Scottish Langos heading down for the weekend. These lively little beasts are absolutely stunning, but be careful, they’ve got a real nip if they manage to grab hold of your finger


Don’t feel like cooking?  Our little kitchen will be super busy making lots of our very popular fish pies and fishcakes for the weekend.


As ever, if you know what you want give us a call on 01276 66618 and we can hold it for you or simply pop in and chose whatever takes your fancy on the day.



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This weeks selection…

Winter seems to have finally arrived and it’s a good job we’re busy or we’d certainly feel that icy wind howling through our brilliantly designed open fronted fish shop!

After those few lean days at the start of the New Year we’re now seeing a great selection of fish from the South West and the quality is, as ever, fantastic

Turbot 1

Plaice are currently ‘off the menu’ as they are in the middle of their spawning season, but the other ‘flatties’ are very much available. We’re seeing a lot of beautifully plump Brill, a firm favourite and great value this week at only £11.50kg. Turbot are also readily available, as are Dover Sole, Lemons and Megrim  We’ll have lots of our usual prime Cornish Cod, Hake and Haddock but we’re also seeing quite a few lovely little red mullet as well as John Dory and a some delicious black bream – so plenty to chose from


Although not from our waters, there’s been a lot of publicity over the last few years around Skrei Cod. Its a very seasonal catch and is highly regarded by many top chefs. The season runs from January until April, when the mature cod return from the Barents Sea to their birthplace along the Norwegian coast to spawn. We’ve got some ‘first of the season’ fish this week and it’s proving to be very popular. The link below gives a little more information on this highly sought after delicacy

Seafood From Norway – Skrei Cod

Skrei Cod

And to top it off we’ve got plenty of premium shellfish arriving – Palourdes, razors and artemis clams, fat Devon mussels, super lively Scottish langos and our large cock crabs are still full and fabulous

Live crabs


Last week was another ‘sell out Saturday’, so if you’ve got an idea of what you’d like give us a call on 01276 66618 and we can make sure we keep it for you. Or, just turn up and see what takes your fancy

Sue x

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The AJAX has landed

Our regular customers will know how much we love our Cornish Hake and are especially proud to be able to sell hake caught by our good friend Alan off the Ajax out of Newlyn

Ajax Hake

Fish was extremely hard to get hold of at the beginning of this week with severe gales hampering the fishing effort around our coast, but as the week has progressed the variety available has increased and everything’s getting back to normal.

Tomorrow our counter will be heaving with fabulous, fresh Cornish fish and star of the show will be Hake, landed in Newlyn by our favourite hake boat the Ajax. Skippered by Alan their hake is sought after by fishmongers and chefs around the country. The quality of their catch is second to none and this will be our first delivery since Christmas so we are really looking forward to getting our hands on Alan’s fish

Some of you may have seen him on Tuesday’s ITV documentary Trawlermens Tales. It was a really insightful programme following some of the vessels out of Newlyn which is where we source 90% of our wild capture British fish. If you missed it it’s still available on catch up and is well worth a look

And, for a little light reading, the link below takes you to a great article written by self confessed fishaholic Mike Warner (with a very nice recipe at the end)

All Hail the Hake by Mike Warner

Sue xx


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Our Order Book closes tomorrow…

Don’t forget, tomorrow, Saturday 19th December, is the very last day to place your order for Christmas and New Year


We’re open from 7:30am until 4pm tomorrow, so if you do know what you would like over Christmas please give us a call on 01276 66618 or come in to discuss your requirements.

Its a wonderfully busy time of year for everyone, and we are really looking forward to getting our usual wonderful selection, but as ever seasonal challenges mean fish will be short and with so many regular and new customers visiting us, we are likely to run low on many of the popular species.

We are also closed from 24th until 30th December, and as the fishermen won’t be back to sea until the markets on 4th January fresh  wild capture fish will be unavailable. We will be getting some great shellfish, and other bits and pieces delivered on 30th, but availability will be severely limited. We will be able to advise you what is likely to be around over the New Year


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Countdown to Christmas

We’re heading towards our final week before the big day and our order book is filling up fast

It seems like many of you will be enjoying seafood at some point over Christmas, and we’ll have lots of fabulous fresh fish being delivered every day between now and the 24th December

We’ll be taking orders for the rest of this week, so make sure you pop in or give us a call to secure your requirements. As ever, fish is likely to be very short Christmas week, due to the huge increase in demand for top drawer seafood, so we are already working closely with our wonderful suppliers to ensure we have a great selection available.

From our much loved #AjaxHake to wonderful wild turbot, large king scallops to the humble winkle – if you know what you fancy don’t keep it to yourself and hope for the best – get your order in the book and relax

Call us on 01276 66618 and we’ll be happy to advise

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Wild Cornish Bass


Razors and whelks

Razors, whelks and Palourdes

Sashimi Tuna 2


Sashimi Grade Tuna Loin

Turbot 1

Cornish Turbot and Monkfish


Wild Prawns

Huge Wild Capture Tiger Prawns


Native Lobsters


Wild Halibut Steaks







Beautiful Cornish Brill


Shellfish live

Live Langoustine


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34 thoughts on “The Fish Shop Camberley”

  1. What an unexpected find! Good selection, good service and good quality. And excellent fish-cakes. I do hope it all goes well for you.

    1. Thank you Jon! We’re really pleased that you enjoyed your visit to The Fish Shop and delighted you like our fishcakes. Many thanks and kind regards


  2. Have just placed our first order (rainbow trout for Christmas Eve). We were most impressed by the welcoming staff and the advice provided on fish type and size. Look forward to our first tasting and hope to join the band of regular customers.

  3. Hi all, still reeling from the enthusiasm you guys injected me with last night on the Fish Workshop. Thank you so much for a fabulous fishy experience. We did so much more than I imagined, great instruction, great motivation and tons of good info. See you soon all, Josie

  4. Good morning Sue, just a quick note on your web site, looks great we are just leaving the fishing grounds now 11pm monday have hake aboard for sale in Newlyn wed morning, keep up the great work all best Alan and Crew Ajax PZ36

  5. Hi Sue. Looking for something special for Christmas lunch. My sister and I don’t eat meat so I’d like something that I can easily cook alongside the stuff for everyone else. Turbot? Is that seasonal? Others suggestions please

    1. Hi Becky, Turbot would be lovely, or a Wild Bass would also be a really delicious treat for Christmas. You could maybe do something indulgent like a Lobster Thermidor, or a simple but fabulous roasted loin of Cornish Hake (I had hake on Saturday at Rick Stein’s in Winchester and it was really delicious with a rich mushroom sauce) Give me a call on 01276 66618 when you have a chance and we can talk through some options.

  6. As I said when I phoned up earlier, the large fillet of cod we bought from you was sensational, even though I had frozen it, it was still delicious with great texture.

    1. Hi Andy, we’re so pleased you enjoyed your cod, and appreciate your lovely comments. It was Cornish fish, supplied directly from Newlyn fish market and we’re so proud to have such a fresh, delicious product on our slab x

  7. Sue, Duncan and Jasmine came to the Camberley WI along with their fish and gave a fantastic talk and demonstration on how to fillet fish. Sue also told us about all the fish and where it comes from and about herself and family. I now know why it is called “Passionate about fish”.

    1. Hi Jackie, thanks for the lovely comments, we really enjoyed the evening! It was great to see so many of our customers and have the opportunity to explain what we’re all about x

  8. Just wanted to say how helpful Sue is. We are having a Seafood party on Saturday ,some great advice given and a very friendly service. Thank you

    1. Thanks Claire! That’s lovely of you. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. We’ll have everything ready for you x

  9. Have just added hake to the list of fresh fish bought from you. Wow!!! Will probably never eat fish out again ! The fish we have had from you has been exceptional . Thank you

    1. Hi Julia, thanks so much for the lovely comments! Our hake was caught by Alan & crew on the Ajax, out of Newlyn and is hugely popular. It’s such a delicious fish, and the quality of Alan’s catch is always exceptional. If you tweet at all, he’s @Ajax_Hake and does enjoy seeing the finished results!!

  10. hi sue i came in today for some tuna and fish pie mix. i asked about fish stock, will you have some on Saturday if so can you put one a side for me i’ll be in Saturday afternoon. many thanks

  11. Thanks for the wonderful salmon we bought from you yesterday. Had friends over for a dinner party last night. It was delicious (and not just because of my cooking…). We think what you have is a real gem, and just down the road. We will certainly be buying all our seafood from you in the future.

    1. Hi Daryl, we’re really delighted that you’re salmon was a success! Thanks for your lovely comments, and we look forward to seeing you again soon x

  12. We live down the road from your shop and have passed it several times with out coming in. On Saturday we decided it was time to have a look. I love shellfish and Tina is a lover of Italian food and a great cook (although a vegetarian she prepares and cooks meat and fish for me).She had promised me a pasta clam dish, one of my favourites.
    What an absolute gem your shop is! Friendly and knowledgable staff who obviously care about the products they sell and the customers they sell them to. We bought fresh clams and some pasta! We both love to cook although my skill level is poorer than Tina’s so we have signed up to one of your fish course in May. We can’t wait.
    I had a fantastic clam dish (thanks Tina) last night.
    Your shop is a revalation
    Thank you

    1. Hi Stuart, thanks so much for your lovely comments, we’re so pleased you enjoyed your visit. The clams are fabulous, Jasmine cooked some for us last week, and the’re back on the menu for Wednesday night. Sorry, I didn’t get the chance to speak to you when you came in, I was aware of the fish workshop conversation, but was tied up with other customers – looking forward to welcoming you to the art of fishmongery in May :)

  13. Had fresh scallops in their shells bought yesterday. The most amazing flavour. Easy to cookBest thing we have eaten for months Great store very friendly and helpful. We are so excited to find you on the doorstep

    1. Hi Faie, Thanks so much for taking the time to post your comments, we’re delighted you were happy with your scallops. We had some last weekend too, I just couldn’t resist them, and have to agree, they were pretty special! Hope to see you again soon, Sue x

  14. Hi there, great to have you back. I used to be a regular when you had your first shop in Camberley and also when you moved sadly, too briefly to your last one there.
    I have been buying my fish online from Cornwall!! Not very economic when you are a single pensioner living alone!
    I have yet to visit your Frimly Road establishment but as I live only half a mile away it won’t be long.
    Does one park on the pavement (I have a blue badge) as walking any distance is not my strong suit?
    Also can I pre-order online, I didn’t see anything on your website, or do I ring on the day to see what is available?
    I am particularly keen to get hold of A:Winkles and B: Huss/dog fish/Rock salmon. I have only managed to get the latter at the Mariners in Basingstoke Covered in batter) I believe there is or was an embargo on it.
    Excuse the diatribe its just great to herald your return. Here’s hoping you have sufficient customers to support you this time.
    Kind regards,
    Mr David Rowe.

    1. Hi David, thanks for getting in touch and we’re delighted to be back! Camberley certainly seems to have missed a fishmonger and we are extremely busy, which is fabulous…

      You are more than welcome to park at the side of the shop. You’ll notice a wide driveway on the right hand side, as you’re looking in, and we own that, so please feel free to pop your car there whenever you are visiting. There is a bit of a pothole by the wall on the right, so just mind your footing!

      We don’t put the rage on our website as it changes every day with prices and availability, we do get a wide range of species, and our focus is on premium quality, fresh, seasonal fish which we mainly source from Newlyn in Cornwall. You’re very welcome to call either in the morning, or around 11am the day before as I will know what I have managed to get from Newlyn fish market by then. It is purchased on the market and then delivered overnight, arriving in the shop at around 4am.

      We usually have winkles. I buy them live and cook them in the shop. We also carry a stock of ones we have cooked and frozen, to make sure we have them available. I also do get dogfish from time to time, but only when the quality is exceptional.

      Pease let me know if I can be of further assistance. Our phone number is 01276 66618 if you want to give me a call,

      Kindest regards


    1. Hello, thanks for getting in touch and I’m so sorry for the delay in responding, I’ve been having ‘admin troubles’!

      Yes, we sell whole crab. We get them delivered live and cook them in the shop. We also stock brown shrimps – at the moment we only sell peeled, but we can also get them whole. You can always call up and place an order, I just need a few day’s notice. And… we always have cockles, they’re one of our most popular products. If you need any further info, please give me a call on 01276 66618

      Kind regards


    1. Hello,

      Hi Keith,

      Thanks for your message and so sorry for the delay in responding to your message. The website is new and improved and I’ve had a bit of an admin nightmare, so this has slipped through the net. Totally my fault, but I think I’ve got to grips with it now.

      Yes we do sell Arbroath Smokies, we have them most days but do occasionally run out – its a good idea to give us a call a day or so before you want them to make sure we’re not waiting for another delivery. We get them directly from Iain Spinks at The Original Smokie Company and they are really delicious – the smell is like bonfire night! They cost £14.95kg and the weights vary, but the ones we have at the moment work out at roughly £6 a pair

      Kind regards


  15. Do you sell red mullet and Tilappia ? I know the latter is farmed in this country but not certain about the Red Mullet. Would love to come and buy both.

    1. Hi Maralyn. We do sell red mulletwhenever it’s available and we’ve actually got some coming in tomorrow, fresh from Newlyn, Cornwall. We don’t sell tilapia as we mainly focus on wild capture British species with a few premium exceptions like tuna and long prawns, Sue

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