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Sesame Coated Tuna Steak with Dipping Sauce

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200g tuna steak + 30g Dipping Sauce

An extra chunky large steak to share

This product is amazing and so versatile and although we no longer do the little 'logs', our sashimi grade tuna steaks can be cooked in exactly the same way - simply seared in a super hot pan

Prepared with sashimi grade tuna to ready to eat standards it can simply be sliced up and dipped into our homemade sauce. BUT... if you would like to take it to the next level of deliciousness pan-sear the sesame seeds to form a crust around the outside edge prior to slicing. Or try our recipe for Tuna Tacos, these are a real winner with #TeamFish

Although you don't technically have to cook this product, if you want to make it divine, try searing before slicing - just heat a little oil then turn over to toast the sesame seeds - its utterly delicious

Serves 1 as a generous main course, or 2 as a starter