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The Fish Shop is owned by Sue and her daughter Jasmine, ably supported by Tiago, Terry, Bruno and the rest of #TeamFish. Specialising in wild caught fish and shellfish caught around the UK coast with the majority of the catch coming out of Newlyn, Cornwall, the team are really proud to showcase the very best seafood available. Highly respected for their product range, quality and innovation, customers travel from near and far to select the freshest fish from the counters

Our fish arrives at the shop early every morning and is always the very best and freshest catch from the daily coastal auctions. In the fish industry, we work with seasons, tides and the variability of catches, and mother nature gives us many challenges, meaning availability will change from day to day. But you can be sure that there will always be the most utterly delicious fresh fish on our counters – at least at the start of each day.


 Sue decides each morning what she needs for delivery overnight, and the fish, fresh off the coastal markets, arrives with us at about 5am each day. We get huge deliveries every morning, which means a very early start for TeamFish as we get everything prepared ahead of opening.

Because we want everything to be as fresh as possible, afternoon visitors won’t have as much choice as the early birds. Sue buys ‘just enough’ to get through each day, which means we’re not carrying stock and fresh deliveries arrive from the coast every morning. It does also mean that choice in the afternoon will be limited. For customers wishing to visit later, we highly recommend you place an order and that way if its on your ‘must have’ wish list, you won’t be disappointed

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Tuna Loins


Over the years we have stayed true to our core values, ensuring that every single product we source is the freshest, best quality available and we are proud to be able to showcase the very best of British seafood. We work closely with a few carefully chosen suppliers who share our values, and we have close friendships with many of the fishermen who catch the fish you will find on our counter.

Of course, not everything is sourced from around the UK, as there are many species that aren’t indigenous to our waters. We have a great range of stunning seafood sourced from farther afield, like our Sashimi Grade line-caught Yellowfin Tuna to our stunning Ecuadorian King Prawns.


One of the things that entices some of our more ‘nervous’ fish lovers are all our freshly prepared ready to cook products. These are hugely popular, using all our wonderful fish and shellfish, with a little extra ‘pizzazz’, making creating the perfect meal super easy, without compromising on taste or quality..

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