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Raw Peeled King Prawns - FROZEN

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XL Prawns
These beauties are sold on our counter either marinated or 'naked' and are our most popular prawn. 800g net weight and around 30 prawns per bag

Medium Prawns
CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - The same prawns as above, but a smaller size, perfect for risottos and stir-fries. 800g net around 50 per bag

Our utterly delicious Raw Peeled King Prawns are one of our customers' favourite products. Because large prawns (Kings and Tigers) are not indigenous to the UK, they are imported and to ensure they reach the UK in prime condition they are best frozen at source. Its a long way to bring a highly volatile product and keep it fresh, so freezing is definitely the best option. We defrost these prawns and sell them loose either in one of our popular marinades, or 'naked' on our counter. If you need to keep a stock, then taking a frozen bag is a great option and lets you dip into them whenever you need to.

Available in 2 sizes - our XL Peeled Prawns are really impressive, but if you're using them for risottos or stir-fries, the medium sized prawns work really well.