Meet the fabulous members of #Teamfish 


#Bosslady Sue

Starting off in 1979 as a Saturday girl in her mum & dad’s fish shop in Camberley, MacKenzie’s Fish & Game, Sue, the owner, now manages the day to day running of The Fish Shop and is responsible for ensuring that the quality and range exceed our customers’ expectations

Having worked in the seafood industry for her entire career, Sue’s knowledge of retail fishmongery lead naturally into a product development role, and over many years she was responsible for creating some of the highest quality, award-winning seafood products available in the UK’s premium supermarkets.

In 2010 Sue joined Sainsbury’s, initially delivering training to fish counter colleagues, and then as a Product Developer responsible for their entire seafood range across counters, chilled and frozen categories. Although this was her ‘dream job’, she couldn’t resist the pull to return to her roots and open her own fish shop.

In 2022 Sue was elected as the first ever lady Vice President of the National Federation of Fishmongers. She is also a Trustee of the Fishmonger & Poulterers Charity which offers grants to those in need who have worked in both the namesake industries. 

Her years of experience over many sectors in the industry have strengthened her knowledge and enabled her to establish a thriving business that understands customer needs, focussing on exceptional quality, outstanding service and the ‘deliciousness’ of all our products.

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Jasmine is following in her mum’s footsteps with a real passion for the business. After taking a holiday to help out on opening week, she quickly realised that this was exactly what she wanted to do and joined #TeamFish immediately. She is now 2nd in command and very capable of running the shop when needed

She has exceptional organisational skills and manages the day to day running of the busy kitchen to ensure we maximise the production needed to get all our homemade products on the shelves throughout the day.

Customers are really impressed with her recipe ideas and recommendations and are always sharing their recipes with her. It makes Sue very proud to see her knowledge and skill develop. She is a huge support to her mum and really has made a huge difference to the business



We had only been open a couple of months when we realised that we need more people! Tiago had been working in the industry for many years, had visited us in the shop a few times to buy some fish, and started to help out a few days a week. He approached us in March 2015 asking if he could come and join the team fulltime and we were absolutely delighted! He’s brought so much to the business; his skills are exceptional, and his knowledge and love of all things fish really show. Customers enjoy learning how to cook fish ‘Portuguese’ style and his multilingual skills are appreciated by many of our Spanish and Portuguese customers.

“I'm Portuguese and started my adventure as a fishmonger at a supermarket when I moved to Andorra at the age of 17 (2004). I worked there for 8 years and learned a lot about fish, with a wide range of customers from all over Europe. I learned fish preparation, customer service, and fish names in Catalan, Spanish, French and obviously Portuguese. After a little while I started going to Mercabarna the fish market in Barcelona, selecting and buying fish for our counter. Andorra is a small country so I tried my luck in England and moved here in 2012, where I worked in a small fishmongers in London for a few months. I then moved to New England Seafood as a fish filleter and was quickly offered the position of Team Manager in their sushi area In 2014 I heard that Sue was opening a fish shop in Camberley. I visited the shop as a customer on opening day and I was very interested in getting involved, initially starting out helping Sue on Fridays and Saturdays. After a couple of months, I decided to take on the role full time and I’m so happy to have helped to make this little business grow over the years”





What can we say about Bruno! He joined us part time in March 2019 and we’re delighted that he decided to stay with us. He’s a key member of the team, working his socks off in the kitchen with Jasmine. Bruno is responsible for making all our ‘Homemade’ products, cooking our shellfish and keeping the shop stocked with all the delicious products we make every day.

“I come from a coastal town in Portugal called Figueira da Foz. I moved to England in 2013 with my parents and have been living in Camberley ever since. I studied at Kings International College then moved on to Farnborough College of Technology with the intention of becoming a police officer.

I started working part time at The Fish Shop part time while I was in college. After a year at college I knew that I wasn't enjoying the course and didn't want to continue. Since I was enjoying working at The Fish Shop I asked Sue if she would accept me full time and she did.

Since then I have been having an amazing time and learned so much while working with my colleagues. I want to keep working hard and learn more as I continue to work there”




Having owned his own business, we were very lucky when Terry joined #TeamFish in 2020 and he has become a valued member of the team. We’re in awe of his cooking skills and his dinner parties are legendary. As well as a highly skilled fishmonger, Terry enjoys serving our customers, giving hints and tips in how to cook their selections. Joint winner of The Fish Shop #TeamFish Bake-Off, he’s not only good with fish, but multi-skilled

“I started my long career in the seafood industry at Surrey Fisheries, Guildford in 1983 and have spent the majority of my 38 year working life in seafood buying and cutting in the wholesale industry, supplying some of London’s top restaurants. Purchasing and preparing fish and seafood for the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White and Michel Roux Jr fuelled my hobby of cooking and hosting dinner parties. As well as being a foodie, my other hobbies include music & reading”