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Hand Harvested from Chesil Beach the Jurassic Coasts has a unique geological make up giving this salt a completely distinct mineral profile and taste. Rich with vital minerals, this sea salt is a healthy alternative to table salt and will enhance truly your cooking!<br><br>

Founded in 2017, the Dorset Sea Salt Company is helmed by Jethro, an obsessed sea salt fanatic. After reading about the historic and cultural relevance of salt production in Dorset Jethro visited the natural salt pans on the east weares of Portland where he pondered how and why this local industry had vanished. This idea affected him so deeply that he began to conceptualize and then envisage the revival of Dorset’s local Sea Salt industry<br><br>

The Dorset Sea Salt Company’s primary aim was to revive this local industry by combining both ancient and new production methods to preserve the traditional methods of the industry, whilst embracing current technologies.