Our Suppliers

Andrew Stevens

Andrew 6


Andrew is probably Camberley’s favourite fisherman! He’s responsible for supplying the Fish Shop with our lobsters throughout the year and visits the shop on a regular basis, sharing news and gossip from Newlyn with our customers.
Fishing on the Benediction, a 19ft Cygnus out of Newlyn, Andrew has been supplying us with everything he catches since 2015. When he first made the suggestion that we have exclusive supply, it was a little bit daunting, but it has worked so well and is a model that other fishermen have tried.
Andrew 4


Andrew 5


Andrew puts his baited pots out around Newlyn Harbour and from April until late September the lobsters can’t resist his stinky mackerel bait. As we get to the end of the season and the lobsters stop hunting for food, he pulls in most of his pots, leaving just a few out to ensure we get a supply throughout the leaner winter months. As the lobsters start to slow down, he’ll cast his nets and catch a few fish, which he packs up and ships up to Camberley and his catch can be on our counter less than 18 hours after its been caught – regular customers always know to look out for ‘Andrew’s Catch’