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200g Gravadlax

200g Beetroot Gravadlax

Back in the Middle Ages there were 2 main ways to keep fish; smoking and curing. Gravadlax is a traditional Scandinavian method of preserving fish, which was salted and then buried, curing the fish which allowed it to be kept for a long time without the need for refrigeration. Today Gravadlax is prepared by covering the fish in a blend of salt, sugar and most often dill and allowing the fish to cure over time<br>
As well as traditional Grav, Severn & Wye produce a delicious beetroot grav which is not only delicious to eat but looks so pretty on the plate with the spectrum of pinks running through the slices

Ready to eat. Delicious simply served with some rye bread and a dollop of our delicious Stokes Mustard and Dill Sauce

200g serves 2 as a light lunch

TRADITIONAL GRAVADLAX - Salmon* (Salmo salar) (Fish) (91%), salt, dill, black pepper, sugar BEETROOT GRAVADLAX - Salmon (salmo salar) (fish) (91%), salt, beetroot powder (2%), dill, black pepper, sugar