Dicentrarchus labrax

Bass (Farmed)

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This bass will serve 2, prepared on the bone, scaled and cleaned

The generous fish, perfect for 2 to share

A spectacular large bass suitable for 3-4 people

Our farmed bass have proved to be very popular with our customers. Introduced to our counters a few years ago when the first annual ban was placed on wild caught bass, they were very well received by everyone. We now stock them all year round, alongside of wild bass, giving you the option to chose whichever you’d prefer.

Bass and bream lend themselves to Asian inspired recipes. This one from our website is quick and easy and packed full of flavour. You can either use fillets of bass, or take the same ingredients and roast the whole fish on the bone


One large fish of around 1kg is perfect for 2 people. Allow around 500g of whole fish per person - remember you lose around 50% of the fish if you have it filleted.