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They say the world is your oyster, and here at the fish shop, shellfish has a huge role to play. From Andrew’s Newlyn Lobsters and Adam’s Devon Crab to Shetland Scallops or Indian Ocean #Badboy Tiger Prawns, there’s something for everyone.

The waters around the UK are home to some of the world’s best shellfish and we source our supplies from Shetland to Cornwall. For some products we have to go a little further afield as they simply aren’t found around our coast, so making full use of the sourcing skills of Seahawk at Billingsgate we have access to shellfish from around the world

Andrew's Newlyn Lobsters

Pot caught around Newlyn, Andrew’s lobsters are a big hit with our customers and because we buy every lobster he catches the size range can be from 500g to enormous! Lobster season runs from the end of April until the end of September, and while we get Andrew’s lobsters all year, throughout the colder months there are less around and so the price increases and availability drops. Available as live or freshly cooked. Out of season, it’s always a good idea to pre-book as demand definitely out-strips supply.

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Adam's Devon Crab

Adam brings us his live Devon Crabs and freshly cooked crab meat every Tuesday and Friday. Working with the crab fishermen, Adam has a processing unit in Paignton where his team cook and hand pick the crab meat before potting it and delivering into The Fish Shop. The quality of some crab meats can be variable, but Adam’s unpasteurised white meat is as close as you’ll ever get to cooking and picking it yourself. Because it’s unpasteurised it has a very short shelf-life but could be frozen if necessary. We also take in lots of extra- large cock crabs. The males have larger claws and much more white meat than the females, and we cook these every day. Available live, whole cooked, cooked and dressed and extra-large claws. Its always best to pre-order, especially for busy weekends, as we always sell out especially over busy weekends


We usually have at least 2 varieties of oyster available. We regularly feature our two favourites – the award-winning Porthilly Oysters from Rock, Cornwall and our plump, delicious River Teign Oysters from Devon. Both have very different flavour profiles and it’s worth taking an oyster flight to see which is your favourite. We can ‘pop’ the hinges for you, if you’re not confident at opening them and are planning to eat them within a couple of hours.

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Mussels are at their absolute best when there’s an ‘R’ in the month, so from September through to April is the best time to enjoy them. We have 2 mussel suppliers – Porthilly in Rock, Cornwall and River Teign in Devon. Both grow the most amazing, hard-shelled, super- hardy mussels, full of flavour and plump and juicy. Its always best to buy mussels on the day you’d like to eat them, as they don’t particularly enjoy being stored for too long in a chilly fridge, when they’re used to a positively balmy 11’c in their natural environment. However, throughout the colder months, when they’re not spawning, they can be kept overnight to enjoy the next day. Don’t forget to grab a handful of our complimentary fresh parsley if you’re planning a classic moules


If you’re planning a spaghetti vongole, then our Palourdes (Manilla Clams) are absolutely perfect. Sourced from the South Coast, these little beauties are extremely plump and tasty. Although they’re pretty hardy, especially throughout the colder months, as with all bivalves its best to buy on the day you’re planning to cook them, but they will last perfectly overnight in the fridge.



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The UK doesn’t really have a true Prawn Industry and most prawns are imported from across the globe. We do however catch the mighty Langoustine and ours are caught off the west coast of Scotland. These highly prized creatures are very important to the Scottish fishing industry and huge volumes are transported to Europe. Available live (weather permitting) or frozen-at-sea


When it comes to prawns, there’s a lot to choose from. Large warm-water species, or smaller but delicious cold-waters, raw or cooked, peeled or whole. We source most of our prawns through Seahawk at Billingsgate and you’ll always find a great selection on our shellfish counter.

Our Raw Peeled King Prawns are definitely the most popular and are available ‘naked’ or dressed with our Piri Piri or Garlic & Herb Marinades. If you’re looking for whole prawns, we have our Ecuadorian Kings, at around 25 prawns per kilo, they’re a great size and delicious. If size matters, our #Badboy Tigers are the ones to choose. With around 8 prawns to the kilo, they really are whoppers are sure to impress. Let us split and de-vein them for you. We can even drizzle some garlic marinade over them so all you have to do is pop on the griddle.

We also stock coldwater prawns from the ice-cold waters of the North Atlantic. Smaller in size than warm-waters, but packed with flavour, these are available ‘Shell-On’ or peeled.

Transporting a high value, volatile product across several continents demands that almost all prawns are frozen at source to ensure they are in peak condition when they arrive with us. We defrost them throughout the day to display on our counter, but they are also available frozen.

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