Huso huso

Beluga Caviar

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3 days notice

3 days notice

Considered as the King of caviar, our King’s ethically farmed sustainable Beluga Caviar is perfect as a sublime gift.

Notes of walnuts and cream and hints of both the sea and finest quality salt.

Species - Huso Huso /

Country of Origin: Belgium /

Age of Fish - 12 Years /

Egg Size - 3mm – 3.5mm /

Egg Colour - Steely Grey /

...About our supplier - King’s Fine Food offers the finest farmed caviar from around the world. Not only do they perform regular DNA-testing of all imported caviar, but they adhere to all CITES labelling and traceability requirements. They work very closely with Trading Standards and Animal Health to educate customers on what to look out for when buying caviar

What to Drink with Caviar
Champagne (chilled), Vodka (chilled), Dry White Wine (chilled)

What to Eat with Caviar
Caviar has a delicate flavour and should be served with accompaniments that don’t overwhelm its flavour (if with anything at all).

Traditional garnishes include small slices of toast, blinis, unsalted crackers, Crème Fraiche or sour cream. Quails eggs also go well with caviar

If you are serving caviar by itself, we would recommend 30-50g per person as a guide. If you are serving the caviar on canapés we suggest 3-5g per canapé