Rock Salmon / Huss

Rock Salmon

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After a lengthy fishing ban, this delicious fish is back on the menu. Known by various names - rock salmon, huss, flake, dogfish, rock eel - there was questions around stock levels and some of the Cornish Gill-netters were involved in gathering the scientific data to understand if there was an opportunity to lift the ban. Luckily for rock salmon lovers everywhere, our fishermen are now allowed to catch this delicious fish and its back on the menu

A firm, meaty fish with a delicious flavour, it has a central 'bone' that is easy to remove after cooking. Most of our customers prefer it to be fully filleted, to make it really easy to cook and enjoy.

We love to simply crumb and roast our rock salmon

Knock up a tasty crumb using panko, some grated parmesan, finely chopped garlic, finely chopped parsley and some lemon zest - add a little olive oil to the crumb to moisten it slightly

Press the crumb onto the rock salmon fillets then roast in a pre-heated 180'c oven for 10-12 minutes

Simple and delicious!