Marinated 'Bad-Boy' Tiger prawns

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EXTRA-LARGE Wild caught tiger prawns

Our extra large 'Bad-boy' Tigers are legendary. Huge whole prawns, they are super impressive and utterly delicious. We split and devein them and drizzle them in our super-garlicky marinade, all you have to do is cook and enjoy. They're not suitable to freeze, but keep perfectly in the fridge for 2 days

There's not too much you need to do with these - just cook and enjoy.

Pop under a hot grill, or panfry for a couple of minutes. Or they can be roasted in a super-hot oven for around 4 mins...if you're feeling like braving the weather they're stunning on the barbeque - the fire roasted shells create a stunning flavour profile

These are HUGE! 1 per person as a starter or 2-3 for a main course.