Manx Kippers

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A single kipper

Devereau's was established in 1884, and it still operating in the Isle of Man owned by Peter Canipa who started his career with Devereau's at 13 years old.

Traditionally smoked without added colour, Manx are brined and smoked over oak. A little smaller than other kippers they pack a punch with their robust flavour

Simply pop under the grill and serve with a little melted butter OR, try the unusual 'Jugged Kipper' method...

Find a tall jug and place the kippers in 'tail up'. Boil the kettle and then once its cooled for about 20 seconds, pour water in, filling the jug and covering the kipper. Leave for 5 minutes, then pour off the water, you will find your kipper has been perfectly 'poached'

Herring (Clupea Harengus), salt and oak smoke