Lophius piscatorius

Monkfish on the bone

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Perfect for one person

A generous portion for 2

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A generous portion for 3-4

If you like your fish on the bone, monkfish is fabulous. With no pin-bones and just a single cartilage running down the centre. Our whole tails weigh over the kilo, and we have already fully skinned them, removed the sinew and tail, so you have a perfect piece of fish.

Monkfish is such a great fish and can take some really robust flavours. We love it roasted on the bone, drizzled with Asian flavours. Make a marinade with garlic, coriander, ginger chilli, lemongrass, fish sauce, lime juice and olive oil, all just blitzed in the food processor.

Place the monk tail in an oven dish and split just either side of the bone to open up slightly. Pour the marinade all over the fish, making sure its sitting on some too, sprinkle with a few chopped spring onions and roast for around 15-20 minutes, depending on size. Once cooked, remove from tray and transfer to serving plate, drizzle with all the cooking juices and top with chopped coriander

Allow 250g per person for a generous portion