Sublime No 12

Truffle, Parmesan & Black Pepper Butter

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Ah, we can see it now. A golden mound of scrambled eggs resting for the final leg of its cook... the consistency, perfect; soft, tempered and just ready for enjoyment. A hit of salt is all that’s needed—

—Ahem. Those were the old days. Back when “eggs was eggs”. We come bearing a one-shot infusion as rich and decadent as a truffle pig: Sublime No. 12. This holy manna is the difference between good and godly. Add it to your eggs, yes. Add it to linguini, to turbot; add it to a cheese sandwich, a shortcrust pastry. Add it to whatever you can dream of. A word of warning though: people will ask where you got the recipe, and you’ll only be able to pretend you’re a trained chef for so long.

Simply pan-fry your fish of choice, the add a slice of butter as you serve, to allow it to melt over the fish

Unsalted butter 83.5% (contains milk), Parmesan 8.4% (contains milk), black truffle oil 2.9%, sea salt, black pepper 0.8%, pink Himalayan salt, nutmeg