Thunnus thynnus

Cornish BlueFin Tuna

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A generous portion for one person as a main course


1 kg

This is a first for The Fish Shop!

We're going to be making the most of this catch and will be buying it whenever it becomes available. There is a small allocation of quota for Cornish vessels to land some of these stunning fish, but supply will be variable

We will prepare and freeze perfect portions, so if there is no fresh landed, we will supply this frozen - all you have to do is defrost overnight and enjoy!

A little information about this fishery...
For many years there was no tuna fishery in the UK, as stock levels were questionable. Over the last couple of years, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have confirmed that a Defra-funded CHART programme in England to catch, tag and release Bluefin tuna gathered data and evidence on the species and the UK has been given a quota under an international conservation agreement. It will be a very strictly managed and monitored and there is hope that with robust management, we will see more of these beautiful fish landed in the future

This is not sashimi grade, so you will need to cook it. Keep it really simple - drizzle a little oil on the fish, season and flash through a hot griddle pan