Sepia officinalis


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1 kg
1-3 whole cuttle depending on size, remember it will weigh around 500g once cleaned

A relative of squid, cuttlefish are popular across Mediterranean Europe and Asia. They have a very similar taste to squid, but the flesh is a little thicker. Prized in Italy and Spain, a lot of the catch comes from our South Coast and when cuttle is in season, many vessels switch their gear to target the 'black gold'.

Cuttlefish can vary from small 200g fish to well over 2 kilos each, so the size available will depend on the days landings

Its a messy business to clean a cuttle at home, so we recommend getting us to prepare it for you.

Similar to squid, cuttle should either be cooked quickly at a very high temperature or slower at a lower temperature to break down the texture

For a super quick instant treat, just pan-fry in a super hot pan for around 30 seconds each side, serve immediately with a squeeze of lemon and some ground sea salt. You can pre-marinade the cuttle for an hour or so in olive oil infused with garlic and herbs

Allow around 400g of whole cuttlefish per person - remember you will lose over half this weight when its cleaned. The size of cuttle landed will determine the weight of the fish we have available. Order the number of portions you require this for and we will prepare the correct amount of cuttle to suit