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Crab Meat - Brown

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The brown meat in crabs is called tomally and is found in the main shell cavity of the crab. Totally different in texture and taste to white crab meat, it is utterly delicious with a really rich flavour which makes it fabulous for sauces or to add a little extra 'crabiness' to any dish.

The texture and colour of the brown meat will change dramatically from crab to crab as well as throughout the year. At times its pale, quite loose and creamy and at other times, the hen crabs, which carry the highest percentage of brown meat, will have a very red, firm tomally.

Although some people enjoy eating the brown meat just by itself, most find it a little too strong in flavour, but you can't deny that it really adds so much flavour. Even a simple crab sandwich benefits from a little brown meat spread across some thick, buttered white bread before piling on the white meat.

Always add a spoonful of brown crab to the base of your crab linguine to give it a real richness and depth of flavour

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