Scomber scombus


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Mackerel are back! We've started to see a few more line caught mackerel off Newlyn and as the season progresses and more fish turn up, we'll see better prices for sure

There is nothing quite like freshly caught mackerel. Smaller vessels around the South West use the traditional method of line catching to bring in this superb catch. The mackerel are 'stiff-alive' (a fishmonger's term for very, very fresh indeed), when they arrive with us and they are one of the fish shop favourites

Mackerel are delicious simply grilled or panfried in a little oil, however we love this fabulous recipe created by one of our favourite chefs, John Fell. Mackerel and rhubarb, a marriage made in heaven

Depending on the size of the fish landed, either one whole small fish per person, or one larger fish will serve 2