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Monkfish & Parma Ham

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A generous main course portion for one

We take the thick top end of our Cornish Monkfish loins and wrap in Parma Ham to create a restaurant quality dish for you to cook at home.

The firm, succulent monkfish and the salty ham are the prefect combination. These are one of our most popular 'homemade' products and utterly delicious

Once cooked, slice across into 3 or 4 medallions and serve on a creamy risotto or with crushed new potatoes and seasonal veg

You can freeze this product - when you defrost it, the Parma Ham will look a little dull, but it cooks up beautifully and tastes just as delicious

This is so simple to cook.

- Add a drizzle of oil to your pan, either rapeseed or sunflower oil NOT olive oil, you need to get it nice and hot without burning the oil
- Put the sprig of rosemary in the oil and it will infuse its flavour and aroma as the oil gets to a medium high temperature
- Once hot, add the monkfish loin. Using tongs, turn the monk until the ham is slightly coloured. This will take about 2 minutes
- Pop the loins into a pre-heated oven (180'c fan or equivalent), drizzle with the oil from the pan and roast for around 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the loins. If you have a meat thermometer, the internal temperature should be 64'c. If you haven't got one, buy one! They are the best thing ever for cooking fish and you'll never overcook another fillet
- Remove from the oven and rest for a minute or two, then slice and serve