Glyptocephalus cynoglossus

Witch Sole

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We don't see witches every day, but if we're offered some that are a good size we make sure we buy them. If you would like to pre-order, you can send an email to and we will do our best to get them for you. We'll keep you posted on availability, so you can select an alternative if we can't find any<br><br>

One of our favourite flat fish, witches are a slender fish, with a really delicate flavour and texture. They can be cooked on the bone or filleted.

Use your favourite recipe for lemon sole or plaice when cooking witches. They're quite a slender fish so cook quickly, but they're utterly delicious. We like to keep them very simple, pan-fry for a couple of minutes each side and drizzle with some browned butter with a squeeze of lemon, some chopped parsley and a few peeled brown shrimps to add a little extra va-va-voom

Allow around 500g of whole fish per person - remember you will lose about 50% of the fish when it's filleted