Penaeus monodon

Huge Badboy Tigers

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Our #Badboy Tiger prawns are hugely popular with customers. A really impressive, extra large prawn they are wild caught from the Indian Ocean.

Because they come from distant waters, all prawns are caught or harvested and frozen at source. This allows a highly volatile product to reach the UK in perfect condition. We defrost them throughout the day, as required. You can store them for 2 days in your fridge, but if you would like to keep them longer it's better to choose them 'still frozen' - these are available in our Freezer Section

All whole prawns contain a large vein that runs from the head to the tail and it's best to remove this before cooking. It's easy to do, but you can ask #TeamFish for a demonstration when you collect your order.

These huge prawns are ideal split, drizzled with a garlicky marinade and popped onto the barbecue. The shells over flame give off the most incredible aroma and flavour

We don't call these #BadBoy prawns for no reason! They really are an impressive size, which is why we recommend 1-2 prawn per person as a starter with additional accompaniments or for a BBQ, or 3-4 as a main course.