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If you happen to find yourself in Padstow, and look out across the Camel, you’ll see the oyster beds across the estuary. This is Porthilly Farm, the only oyster grower in Cornwall and their award-winning oysters are featured in many of the top seafood restaurants around the world.
The tiny oyster ‘seeds’ are brought in from a hatchery and grown in mesh bags on the estuary for around 2 years. Continuous monitoring, sorting and separating of the oysters is required throughout this time to ensure they achieve their perfect size and shape for harvesting.
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Once harvested the oysters are cleaned and purified in filtered natural seawater, packed live into boxes, and dispatched arriving with us early the next day.



Porthilly Farm also supply us with their outstanding plump ‘hard-shelled’ mussels and delicious live winkles.
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