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Seafood Stix (Surimi)

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Half Box - 32
Half Box - 32 Sticks

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64 Sticks

Don't 'diss' the humble 'Crab Stick'! Did you know that this is actually called 'Surimi'? - you may not have heard the term, but you’ve most likely eaten it. It's most commonly found in many sushi dishes like California rolls and crab salad. Surimi is actually fish that is cooked, flavored and shaped to resemble shellfish like crab or lobster

Although we think of 'crab sticks' as “imitation” seafood, they are actually made with real fish – usually sustainably caught wild Alaska pollock. It's a great source of protein, low-calorie, and versatile

Surimi has a long history and was originally created by Japanese chefs in the 12th century who would grind and salt leftover fish as a means of preserving their extra catch. In the 1960s, a Japanese chemist discovered that he could stabilize the product, freeze it, and preserve its shelf life. Hugely popular in Japan, South Korea, France, Thailand, and Spain, surimi can be flavored and molded to resemble a variety of seafood the most popular being 'crab sticks' - developed to replace the highly valued king crab thigh meat