Our Products

Having spent so many years working in various sectors of the fish industry, Sue knew exactly what she wanted to source for the Fish Shop. Over the years as the shop has got even busier than we could ever imagine, the range has grown and developed.

We work with a few select suppliers who share our values and we're really proud of the quality of our products. Our great reviews and customer feedback is so encouraging, and its wonderful to know we're getting it right and people who enjoy our products really can taste the quality. Now, more than ever, customers want to know as much as possible about the food they buy, and because we work so closely with our supply base, we can give information about the catch method, the name of the fishing vessel, and often the Twitter account of the skipper who caught the fish. Its very rewarding to see customers interacting with the fishers responsible for todays catch, and is something we actively encourage.

From hook and line bass to the humble sardine, Cornish hake to Andrew's lobsters, we mainly showcase the Best of British with most of our wild caught fish coming directly up from Newlyn, Cornwall overnight. If it's landed and exceptional quality, then you will find it on our counters. Of course, not everything can come out of Cornwall, and we also get some of our British seafood from the South Coast and Scotland. Certain species aren't indigenous to our waters, and we have sourced exceptional fish and shellfish from around the world, bringing a wonderful collection of everything to make seafood lovers hearts beat a little faster.

To complement our seafood we have lots of interesting and delicious pastas and rice, spices, oils and dressings, as well as a small but tasty selection of fresh veg and our complimentary herbs.