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Our customers travel for miles to get their hands on our Jellied Eels, and we only ever buy from Barneys. Renowned as producing the very best, Barneys have been making bowls of eels for over 45 years. Although tastes have changed since eels had their heyday, they are still a popular traditional London delicacy and if you love eels, you’ll absolutely love Barneys Eels!
Eddie Button started his wholesale jellied eel business in East London in 1969 and in 1970, when Barney Gritzman (brother of Solomon, who owned the famous ‘Tubby Isaacs’ stall in Goulston Street) decided to retire Eddie took over the business in Chamber Street. Eels have been produced on the same site since the 1930’s, so it was with great sadness that due to the gentrification of the area, the Barneys team had to relocate their whole operation to Billingsgate Market in October 2019
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Mark Button, Eddie’s son started working with his dad in the early 80’s and now runs the operation supported by a close knit, highly skilled team and they have been absolute stars, supplying us from our very first week with the most amazing seafood.